Sympathy to the overextended parents in this world

The Nebraska mom who left her young child in a car seat recently in the car all day while she worked isn’t going to be charged with abuse or neglect.
I can honestly say, “Whew,” about that decision.
Before you condemn me or her for being complete idiots, stop a second. Have you never forgotten something really, really, really important because you had a hundred things on your mind thanks to the busyness of a daily routine. I once remember getting out of the car and seeing a sleeping child strapped in back and thinking to myself that I had forgotten he was back there because he was so quiet. By the grace of God, I SAW him.
Here’s the story about the Nebraska women:
Don’t get me wrong, this whole thing could have been an even more devastating tragedy. By a miracle, her two-year-old was unharmed and not distraught in the car for all that time. I’m happy the child was fine.
Just for a minute, image that mother’s horror. No one needs to charge her because she has likely been hard on herself and will have trouble getting it out of her mind anytime soon, if ever.