Tracking modern kids fuels desperation

In today’s amazing, flexible school environment, it’s possible for a mom like me to track two high school kids at three different schools.

No complaints, but that’s what co-oping, specialized instructional schools and open enrollment can turn into. We’re not the only family doing it.

Luckily, the kids are all old enough to know where they need to be and when they need to be there, but I still need help keeping it all straight. That means tracking the school calendar for three districts.

One son attends Sioux Falls’ amazing school for career and technical education for part of each morning so we’re technically parent’s of a Sioux Falls school kid when it comes to school breaks and for parent-teacher, open house events. It’s an entirely different calendar.

Both boys go to most of their classes at the small-town high school in the district where we live. But because we co-op with another nearby school’s wrestling program, the other son goes there so we follow that sport’s schedule.

We love the opportunities the crazy schedule allows. It’s good for the kids. But it just means the paper calendar tucked into my purse is crammed and full of print outs of various districts’ schedules. Add in another son’s college breaks and concert schedule plus the other things we do each month, and I can’t write small enough.

I’m sure I could use the reminder system on my phone, but the thing would be going off all the time. Plus, I’m still pen and paper tactile. I like the writing part of keeping track. And I like seeing the entire month at one time.

But let’s face it, I may need the help of technology. I’m way beyond relying on color-coding with Hi-lighter markers.

After all, modern times call for modern solutions. Or is the saying really, “desperate times call for desperate measures?” I think so.

But I really don’t have time to change my system at this point. I have to run out and look for spirit wear for a couple of new schools.