Kids: Today is the first day of the rest of your summer

On the first day of summer break for my three children, I had a much easier time getting out of the house.
No lunch checks to write, assorted clothing to locate, breakfast suggestions to offer, “let’s get going” notices to issue, forgotten backpacks to hand out the door. You get the idea.
It’s also the first time I will have two children in high school and zero middle schoolers. That means I only have obligations to go to high school concerts and sporting events. At one point in parenthood, I had a child in elementary, middle and high school at once _ a lot to keep track of.
I still will go to college concerts, too, but those are relaxing and don’t involve having to iron anything or buy new pants because last year’s are too small.
It’s funny how we mark our lives in phases. Parenting is definitely a huge part of who I am. While I will always be a parent, my duties have changed and will continue to do so. It’s been years since I’ve had to cut up someone’s hotdog so they wouldn’t choke, for example. It’s amazing how kids learn independence, usually regress a little and then grow into strong individuals right before your eyes.
There is one thing I miss this morning, however. There’s no one awake to tell: “Have a good day today and do your best.”
The first day of summer vacation is for sleeping in.