Let’s hear it for S.D. small schools

I watched a lot of small town kids at the State B boys basketball tournament on Saturday. What a humble yet enthusiastic group of good sports at all levels from players to fans, the band and the cheerleaders; parents, too.

It got me thinking about how sometimes we discount the importance of small schools and blame folks who live there for only wanting to keep their towns alive. We’ve even threatened to cut their school funding over the years. We take on the attitude that small=not as important. Really?

What’s wrong with wanting to raise kids in that environment and caring about a rural lifestyle? It’s a valuable part of our state.

We need to provide for kids in all sizes of schools in South Dakota because likely many will stick around and run our state in the future.

Makes sense to me.


Here’s a photo of the James Valley Christian Vikings (Navy) vs. Langford Lions (white) game at Wach’s Arena at Northern State University.