Less than two weeks until March 20

Grief is a nasty, thieving emotion that robs people of happiness, contentment and peace.

Yet anyone who has grieved or is grieving knows that it is a process that we have to go through in order to feel a part of our own lives again.

I’ve watched and even reached out to people who have lost loved ones in recent months and sometimes just being there is helpful. Sometimes, nothing lessens the holes in their hearts that causes tears to leak out or even pour from their eyes.

Maybe it’s because it is winter and sun is a rare commodity lately, but it seems like the weather makes people feel worse, more sad, less willing to go out and change their scenery.

It’s time for spring, for air that smells sweet again and for birds that sing to us. Bright prom dresses. Daffodils and tulips. Car washes and short sleeves. Bike rides and digging in the dirt. It won’t solve the world’s problems, but spring might make them more tolerable.

Thankfully, March 20th really isn’t that far off.