More babies, spring is coming

My big surprise when I got home last night was waiting in the mud room.

Two more baby lambs, a boy and a girl, both one day old. Their mamas near Larchwood, Iowa, had triplets, and these two are drinking out of a glass soda pop bottle with a rubber nipple on it at our house.

We’re surrogates to these bottle lambs, it seems. We’ve only had white lambs before so I can’t even tell you what breed these are, likely crossbred because they’re so colorful. And cute.

Lambs with their bouncy little hops and their crazy long tails always remind me that spring is coming. It really is.

Oh, and they didn’t get to spend the night inside our house. They made their bed under a heat lamp in an outside shed. I’m really not as much of a hillbilly as you might think. I draw the line with sheep in the house.