Quick, think camping

If you want reservations to camp at one of the area South Dakota State Parks over Memorial Day weekend, good luck.

In most cases, it’s probably too late. Those reservations opened up last week and were mostly gone by the weekend. There may be a spot or two somewhere but it’s unlikely.

The state has a 90-day window for making camping reservation and if you want a spot in your favorite park, you have to plan that far out. That’s not to say you won’t be able to get in somewhere at some point if someone cancels. But it is difficult, especially if you want to go with friends and need more than one site.

This year, the state also changed its online registration process so for me at least, it seems harder to tell if there are spots available. I’ll have to work with it longer and see if it gets easier.

Here’s the sky last Memorial Day weekend at Union Grove State Park. Beautiful in all its wild glory after a downpour and wind. We rode out the storm in our camper while eating Dutch oven pizza. It was all good.