Press one for Dennis Daugaard, two for the Democrat

It appears that the Democrats are trying to figure out who would be the best candidate to run against Gov. Dennis Daugaard and they want our help.

I received a polling call last night and in a weak moment in which I didn’t hang up, I decided to listen to the questions. The poll was conducted by Clarity Polling, which has done other Democrat polling across the country so I’m guessing they were doing that here.

The first question was whether I had a favorable or unfavorable opinion of Daugaard, Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, Mike Huether and Scott Heidepriem. From there, the survey asked various questions in which I was asked how I would vote if Daugaard ran against each of the Democrats. Press one for Daugaard, two for the other candidate, the automated poll directed.

The poll was clearly only about the governor’s race but did include questions about abortion, taxes, gun control and gay marriage. It also asked how often I attended church, whether I had cable TV and if there were any guns in my house.

Sometimes you can learn a lot from a good poll.