Rainbow dogs are out

My morning commute included looking at some rainbow-colored sundogs this morning, an awe-inspiring drive.

I remember first learning about sundogs as a child when my parents pointed out that it was so cold the sundogs were out. Sundogs always equaled extreme cold.

That was the case this morning, too, with temperatures near zero and nice brisk winds.

Sundogs, often called mock suns, form on both sides of the sun when sunlight is refracted by ice crystals. There are angles and prisms and other science involved. The dogs have shown up in great literature, too. In Shakespeare’s King Henry VI, Edward says, “Dazzle mine eyes or do I see three suns?”

Science, literature or just a plain gift from heaven? They’re a nice sight on days this cold.image

The sundogs were on each side of the sun, but I shot a photo of the sun and its southern dog, which was more rainbow-colored than you can see here.